Workshops Taught:

Taught at Towson ACDA (American College Dance Association). 2015.

- Contemporary/Modern Technique (2015).

     A beginning/intermediate level Contemporary/Modern Class that explores moving through breath, rhythms and in and out of the floor. Inspired by my own Thesis work and the experiences I have had with Contemporary/Modern/Postmodern dance technique. 1:45minutes.

- Gestural Technique (2015).

     This gestural class explores the different ways of thinking about and generating gestures in relationship to your own choreography. It includes working with gestures as individual entities, gestures layered in full body movement, and gestural work with a partner. For the second half of the class I let the students generate their own gestures and then had them modify it with a partner. 1:45minutes. 

Taught at George Mason ACDFA (American College Dance Festival Association). 2014. 

- Working with Rhythms (2014).

     An intermediate/advanced level of contemporary/modern movement structured around the idea of rhythms. Moving in and out of different rhythms. This class explores not only structured rhythms but also body rhythms (internal and external), and voice rhythms. Must be taught with a live accompaniment. 1:45minutes.

- Contemporary Inspired Gestural Technique (2014).  

    A beginning gestural workshop that explores how to incorporate gestures into full body choreography. It directly links gestural dance with more modern/contemporary choreography. This class explored how to think about the body and what gestures mean. The last combination involved them taking the full body choreography and inserting their own gestures to create their own unique movement. 1:45minutes.

Instruction at UNCG (University of North Carolina at Greensboro) 2013-2015:

DCE 101- Introduction to Dance (Non-Majors) 3 credits. 40 Students.  Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Fall 2014, Spring 2015.

    A three credit class designed for general university students seeking a studio experience course in dance that fulfills General Education Core (GEC) requirements in the Fine Arts. It is an introduction to the basic concepts and principles of modern/post-modern dance through readings, studio experiences, discussions, written work, and concert attendance. As the instructor I lead them through four major sections, first technique, where we explore as many techniques bring outside artists in fields I can’t teach. Second, improvisation where prompts and games are given and the students make their own piece inspired by those. Third, repertory is given in the form of learning the history of modern dance and create a piece in the style of one of the great artists. Fourth, choreography is created through the students open-ended learning of the entire semester.

DCE 111 - Introduction to Contemporary Dance (Non-majors) 1 credit. 40 Students.  Spring 2014, Spring 2015. 

    A one credit hour course designed for non-dance majors to work on the beginning level of development of technical skills in contemporary dance, including rhythmic perception and spatial awareness, with emphasis on aesthetic and expressive qualities that lead to performance.     Focusing on alignment, developmental patterns and initiation I work with all levels to learn or relearn the basics (designed for the progression within the department).

DCE 112 - Contemporary Dance 1 (Majors) 1 credit. (Under Janet Lilly). 25 Students.  Fall 2014.

    A one credit hour course designed for dance majors for the development of technical skills in contemporary dance, including rhythmic perceptions and spatial awareness, with emphasis on aesthetic and expressive qualities that lead to performance. With emphasis on rehearsal directing and setting up the performance opportunities of the class, I work underneath Janet Lilly to support the class to her design. Working specifically within four class periods, I focused my time with the students with rhythm and the performance quality of movement within the face and eyes.

DCE 200 - Dance Appreciation (Non-Majors) 3 credits. (Anne Morris Head Instructor). 120 Students. Fall 2013.

    A three credit class designed for general university students desiring General Education Core Fine Arts and Global Maker credit course. This course is writing intensive. A half lecture, half studio experience this class explores many different cultures and the relationship between the cultures values and how it relates to the movement. I lead the lecture hall (120 students) in the discussion of Dance on Camera, and lead my section every second meeting date during the week.